Responsible Gaming

Playing at online casinos is a form of leisure and should not be perceived as a way to make money. We support users who are aware of this and treat gambling as a hobby and entertainment.

In order to avoid the negative consequences that can be caused by excessive gambling, the Company has established a Responsible Gambling Policy (the “Policy”). We inform users about potential risks, legal restrictions, the need to protect minors and the possibility of self-exclusion.

Informing about potential risks

By publishing information about the Policy, we notify users about the possible financial risks and the dangers of gambling addiction, and suggest ways to prevent negative consequences.

Legislative restrictions

In some countries, gambling is prohibited. While we do not have the ability to control or restrict users in such jurisdictions, we encourage users to act responsibly in accordance with local, national and international laws and regulations in force in their territory of residence and/or domicile.

Please ensure that when you play at the online casino, you do not violate the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction. Under no circumstances shall the Company provide legal advice, nor shall it be responsible or liable to you for your compliance or non-compliance with any regulations applicable to you.

Protection of minors

In accordance with the provisions of the Policy, persons under the age of majority may not use the services of the online casino. At any time, the Company has the right to request documentary proof of the registered user’s age, as well as to suspend his gaming account until he provides the necessary information. In the case of a violation, the user’s account shall be blocked with the cancellation of all winnings.

To prevent the involvement of minors in gambling, we use the following methods:

  1. When registering a user, we notify him/her that it is inadmissible for underage persons to visit the site;
  2. When creating an account, we ask the user to confirm that he or she is of legal age (full legal capacity) and to provide the date of birth;
  3. All advertising and marketing promotions on the online casino apply only to users of legal age. Any involvement of persons under the age of 18 is contrary to the principles of the Company and the provisions of the Policy.

The public availability of sites on the Internet does not allow to completely exclude the possibility of visiting online casinos by minors. We encourage all users to be responsible about the safety of persons under the age of majority (full legal capacity), and we ask you to follow the mandatory rules for this:

  • Control the access of minors to the devices from which you visit the online casino;
  • Use software that allows parental control functions and restricts access of minors to undesirable content (CyberPatrol, Contentwatch, Net Nanny, GamBlock®, CYBERsitter and others);
  • inform us of any cases of registration of minors on our projects that you are aware of.


If you feel that playing at an online casino has ceased to be fun and is negatively affecting your life, please contact support to set temporary or permanent restrictions on your account.

Please consider the following questions:

  1. Have you ever spent your time at work or school playing casino games (online casinos)?
  2. Have you neglected the welfare of your family for the sake of gambling?
  3. Have you ever sold or mortgaged property or borrowed money to pay for your participation in a game?
  4. Have you ever lost all of your money?
  5. Have you ever considered suicide for gambling?

If you answered yes to at least one of the presented questions, we strongly recommend you to contact specialized communities and organizations: GamCare, Gambling Therapy, Gordon Moody Association, Gamblers Anonymous and others.

In order to organize a comfortable and safe game we recommend to adhere to the following rules:

  • do not try to make the game a source of income;
  • spend only as much as you can afford to lose;
  • do not try to win back if you lose;
  • not to try to recoup losses, increasing bets;
  • do not play while intoxicated, depressed, or under severe stress;
  • alternate the game in the casino (online casino) with other activities and entertainment.

It is important to realize that any gambling involves risk and requires a responsible approach. Observing the above rules, you will be able to get maximum pleasure from gambling without damage to you and your loved ones.

The policy may be revised by Users will be notified about it on the website of the online casino.

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