Privacy Policy for Users

The platform collects and processes all necessary personal information and data about our customers, the visitors of our virtual resources. We ensure careful handling of personal data of each client, we try to ensure the most secure storage of information, acting within the framework of current legislation on the protection of personal data.

Features of the privacy policy

This policy has one sole purpose – to explain to customers and new users how the mechanism of processing personal information works, why and when to process personal data.

In addition, the privacy policy aims to explain to users their legal rights in relation to virtual gambling establishments. Being a tool for intelligent office-client communication, this policy does not supersede at all the existing provider agreements, agreements between the users and our web resource. All rights and obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act remain unchanged.

Responsibility for storage and processing of users’ personal data

The first thing our customers should know:

  • аlthough all responsibility and care for the personal data of our clients rests with us, the main place to store all collected information is the database. This information resource provides access for all companies that work with a customer audience.

When accessing your personal information, other companies and web resources are required to act only in accordance with applicable laws and the standards set forth in this privacy policy.

What is personal data to be processed?

Our web resource handles the following information about our customers:

  • name (Surname, First Name, Patronymic);
  • date of birth (date, month, year);
  • address of a valid e-mail address;
  • personal password;
  • a valid IP-address from which the request to the web pages comes;
  • information about the client’s location;
  • gender;
  • age;
  • profession;
  • the purpose for which the site is used;
  • personal predilections, hobbies and preferences.

Why and for what purpose do we process and store your personal data?

Nothing secret. Our company, i.e. collects and processes all personal information about its customers, about the users who visit our web pages and use our services.

Your personal information is used in the following cases:

  • electronic mailing of letters advertising the resource, regarding the services and products offered;
  • Analysis of incoming information about the work of our systems and directly the database, in order to improve the efficiency of our business in accordance with the requirements and requests of users, to improve the quality of customer service;
  • improve the quality of advertising of the offered product, sent to our customers;
  • for the subsequent early registration of customers in online chats and forums to discuss the work of our resource;
  • to respect the legal rights of our company and to follow up on the obligations of both parties.

Where can your personal information be shared?

The customer service area involves our contacts with a third party. This allows us not only to optimize our work and business, but also to ensure a high quality of service. Naturally, from time to time our partners need access to our customers’ personal data and we are willing to provide this information. What these third parties and third-party companies are:

  • companies – analysts, among them such well-known companies as Google, Hotjar and VWO. Their task is to process our customers’ personal data, to control the objectivity of the information they receive. If you are uncomfortable with these companies’ access to your personal data, please read our policy on cooperation with them. An attachment with the required information is attached below. If you do not agree with the distribution of personal data, our customers can personally block access to their data for analytics providers.
  • Other web resources that use your personal data are cloud services, web resources that are major repositories of audio, photo and video files;
  • transfer and disclosure of customer information is carried out in cases where it is necessary to protect the interests and business reputation of our web resource;
  • disclosure of customer information may be made for administrative or legal purposes, the purchase or sale of our assets, or the reorganization of our business. The request of the third party for access to the personal data of our clients is carried out in accordance with the norms of the current legislation.

Direct marketing

The main aspect of receiving and processing your personal data is interacting with your customers and attracting new users. With our database at our fingertips, we send out postal advertising messages about promotions, new products and services.

In addition, we are engaged in sending out offers from our business partners. For example, clients receive mailings with offers from online casinos, bookmaker’s offices and other virtual gaming web resources. The offers are sent either to a specified email or are targeted advertising on a web page.

In most cases, the processing of personal customer information is used for marketing purposes, for the benefit of our company. In accordance with the law, this is done only with the consent of the customer.

The customer has the right to refuse at any time to use his own data for marketing purposes. To do this, an opt-out function is available in any letter and on the site itself which can be used to unsubscribe from the use of personal data. For our part our company makes efforts to minimize direct marketing in relations with customers. We try to do the necessary messaging in a reasonable manner and proportionate to your involvement with our company. The use of customer data is based on relevance and appropriateness.

How long is the personal data of the client stored?

Customer details are retained in the database for a certain period of time necessary to achieve the purposes. These purposes are specified directly in the Privacy Policy. In some cases, information about the client is kept longer. It is explained by existing legal, tax or accounting requirements. For our part, we guarantee the complete safekeeping of personal data of our client users. If there is a need to further store personal information, files are deleted anonymously and in compliance with security requirements.

Customer rights

Each customer has rights to his or her own personal data. For more information about the rights to possess, share and use your own personal data, see the table below. For more specific information, you can contact our technical support team. To do so, simply send an email request to [email protected].

The client has the right to make a request in each individual case:

  • confirm whether personal data is actually stored and processed.
  • provide the customer with a copy of the stored data;
  • provide other information upon request. What data is stored in the database, how it is used, to whom it is transferred, and whether the available information is protected against unlawful infringement.
  • What rights does the customer have when he/she is aware of the use of his/her personal data, how can he/she file a complaint, how has our company become aware of the personal data.
  • whether automated systems for obtaining, processing and storing information, automated systems for accepting conditions, automation of profile data, if there is no acknowledgement of the customer to read the Privacy Policy.
  • indicate the need to correct the error made in the personal data, to clarify specifically each individual item, check all the information for compliance.

Deleting personal data

You can make a request for deletion of personal data in the following cases:

  • absence of the purposes for which the information was collected;
  • The client has withdrawn their consent to the processing of personal data;
  • the client has changed his/her legal or social status;
  • the collection and processing of personal data was carried out illegally;
  • the occurrence of legal and juridical obligations.

Cases in which a customer may be denied the removal of personal data

We may deny certain requests to delete personal information files. We may do this in the following situations:

  • when the need to process personal data remains relevant;
  • the need to have access to information in connection with legal processes;
  • when personal data is used to resolve arbitration situations for the purpose of defense or filing a lawsuit.

In addition, there are a number of other points, which may be interpreted by our company as the expediency of further storage of personal data about the client. A request to delete information from the database may also be denied in other situations:

Other points

  • the client has the right to ask the company to restrict the use of personal data. This is allowed when the accuracy of the data is disputed and certain items need to be corrected;
  • the processing of personal data has been carried out unlawfully, but the expediency of its use remains;
  • it is no longer in the interest of the client to retain the data, but the data has some legal relevance for the company;
  • the customer has exercised his right to object to the lawfulness of our use of his personal data, the verification and validity of the claim is still pending;
  • the company continues to use the customer’s personal data even after the restriction questioning;
  • In the case of open court proceedings, to defend the company’s rights in a court of law;
  • to protect the interests of third parties in court.
  • the client has the right to make a request for formatting personal data into a more convenient, structured and typewritten version. Generally, this is done when it is necessary to transfer files to another personal data controller, but there are some limitations here as well. All processing in accordance with the new format is carried out only with the client’s consent and without violating the existing company-client agreement.
  • the presence of the client’s objection to the processing of personal data by the company in the interests of protecting their own business reputation, when the interests of the client outweigh the observance of the rights of the company;
  • the company always has the ability to demonstrate to the client the validity of legitimate interests that exceed the existing rights of the client.
  • our company has the right to edit the agreement on the transfer of personal information about the client or any related documents for reasons of commercial confidentiality. Every customer has the right to complain to the supervisory authority about the processing of personal data.

Attention! Please, before you go to the controlling and supervising body, the disputable situation can be solved in a bilateral communication.

What the cookie policy is based on

Like other interactive customer communication and promotion web resources, our company uses cookies.

What are cookies? It is a fragment of a file or the file itself of small size on which there is some information stored on the client’s device (smartphone, laptop, personal computer). Thanks to the cookie files in the information base of the web resource stores all the actions of the client, determining his preferences and interests. At each subsequent visit to a certain web resource cookie files allow to recognize the user (password, account name, language and parameters of the page display) and to give him the necessary information at once.

Such files are stored for a certain period of time, before the device is reinstalled or after the account is liquidated. Our company uses cookies files in order to improve the functionality of the site, to provide access to the full range of services, to make the client stay on our site convenient and comfortable.

Offer for customers

There may be several options for our customers to use cookies:

  • you have the right to agree to our service cookies being stored on your computer or any other personal device;
  • you may, of course, work with our website and receive all necessary information from the resource without the use of cookies (please note that if you refuse to receive cookies, some pages of our resource may not work properly);
  • if you do not want to store cookies on your computer, it is enough to change the settings in your browser;
  • if you wish, you can independently and regularly delete cookies from your own device by clearing the memory cache.

Information for users on how to delete cookies from their own computer or how to disable the mechanism of receiving them can be found on our page in the technical help section.

The only condition to keep in mind! Refusal to receive cookies may cause limitations in the functionality of our resource, reducing the performance of existing products and offers.

What cookies do we work with?

First of all, you need to understand what cookies are and what their functionality is. Our web resource uses cookies for a variety of purposes. They differ not only in their functions, but also in the period of storage, their importance, and the way they are stored.

  • Some cookies have a purely technical purpose. These files are necessary for the correct operation of the site and its functionality. These cookies access the user’s device automatically when the site is used or when certain sections and categories of the site are accessed.

If you disable the use of cookies, their access to the user’s computer is blocked. In turn, technical files can be mandatory and vice versa, temporary. The first are stored permanently on your device, others are used only when you visit our site, to optimize its operation and performance of the functionality. Other files allow you to save the user’s preferences, making it easier for you to later use the Web resource.

With these cookies we have information about the frequency of use of certain categories and sections of the Web site. These cookies allow us to adapt more quickly and accurately to the needs and requirements of our customers.


Technical cookies can be stored permanently on the user’s device or for a certain period of time.

  • Files that are only needed while you are using the site are called session cookies. They are automatically deleted when the session is over, i.e. when you are using the site. In some cases, such files are deleted from your computer when you clean or reboot your system.
  • Persistent cookies differ from session cookies in that they are stored on the user’s device permanently or for a long period of time. With these cookies, the web resource recognizes a persistent user, making it easier for him to enter the site at other times and provide access to the available settings. Permanent cookies make entering the working area of the web resource faster, without the need to enter a password, login, set the interface language.

Deletion is automatic if there is no active use of the site for a long time.

  • There are also permanent, streaming cookies. They are used to communicate between internal work servers within our company. These cookies are accessed on the user’s device when the user is actively browsing the website. As soon as you have finished navigating the website, the streaming cookies are deleted.

Each cookie has an individual number that allows it to be identified among a huge number of similar files. However, the presence of such a number does not allow cookies to be used to obtain information about the status of the customer, about his personal data.

Who develops and delivers cookies?

The lion’s share of cookies is a product of the activities of our company and the provider who maintains our web resource. In turn, we use third-party cookies when operating a web resource for advertising and marketing purposes. These cookies are usually web analytics tools used by our partners.

Third-party cookies can be a tool for advertising or a way to integrate certain content from other virtual sources. For example, social plugins are the best example of how third-party cookies work.

Which cookie providers do we work with?

Our web resource for its work and for a better service to users uses a product of analytical service Google Analytics. Cookies from the web-analytics service of Google Inc allow us to determine the frequency of use of specific sections and categories of the site, catch the user’s preferences in the use of certain information.

Cookies send all the information about the use of our web site to the main Google server in the United States. It is there that the files are further analyzed and stored. The Google server uses the information contained in the cookies to analyze the intensity of visits to our website. Special reports are generated about this, with the help of which we have an idea of the client’s activity. On the basis of web analytics we make certain improvements to the web resource, create new products and services, and optimize the web site.

Subject to the terms of the agreement, and unless this conflicts with the legal rights of our company and our customers, Google may pass this information on to third parties.

For your information! Every one of our users has the right to deactivate Google Analytics in their browser settings. Once the unsubscription has been activated, an information stamp is stored on the personal device indicating that the web analytics function from Google Analytics has been deactivated.

In conclusion

All questions regarding our implementation and use of the Privacy Policy in your work, you can send the appropriate request. The answer to all customer questions will be in written form and will be sent electronically to the specified email address.

We remind you! All the disputable questions relating to the receipt, processing and storage of personal data you can solve in bilateral talks. On our part, we are always ready to listen to the customer and take the necessary steps to eliminate the conflict situation.

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